Men's Wallets with ID Windows for photos and more...

Anyone who needs to carry an ID card, travel card or work pass around with them will really appreciate the value of a wallet with an ID window. An ID window is simply and flap in the wallet, often on the inside, that has a clear side or "window", usually made out of plastic. This then allows the wallet owner to carry an ID card or similar inside, and show it whenever required, quickly and easily, without needing to actually take the ID card out of the wallet. But even if you don't need to flash an ID card at your office security everyday, a clear window in a wallet is a hugely popular function, and used by many simply to carry photos of loved ones inside. So if you have precious kids or grandchildren, for example, it's very likely the ID window will be taken up by some nice photos instead! We have picked out what we think are the best available ID window wallets for you below, so hopefully you can find something that suits you taste and budget.

Where possible, our selection includes ID wallets in brown, black and tan leather - the standard and most popular colours for men's leather wallets - plus one or two in high quality calfskin leather, from some of the best leather craftsmen such as Aspinal. But we haven't missed out on including a few of the more affordable ID wallets, from trusted names and brands such as Autograph and John Lewis. See our choice of with ID windows below - we're sure you will find something that will appeal to you.

Our Choice

About our ID Window Men's Wallet Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best in men's wallets with ID windows in our choice above, in price ranges to suit all pockets, and styles to suit all tastes. We have also aimed to only include wallets from trustworthy fashion and menswear retailers in UK. Our ID window wallet range includes wallets made from standard and also high grade leather, including calfskin, from various design houses such as Forzieri, plus famous leather makers such as Aspinal and where available, wonderful brands such as Maxwell Scott and Mulberry. We have tried to include a good range of colours and all shades of leather - from darker, chocolate brown, to glossy black, to light and natural looking tan leather.

A wallet with an ID window can be so useful and make life easier for anyone who needs to carry any form of ID that has to be shown regularly, such as a work pass, club or gym membership or travel card. Just slip the ID card inside and you'll no longer be fumbling around, reaching in every pocket, wondering where you put your ID last. This can be especially embarrassing if you have a queue of impatient people waiting behind you! So with one of these wallets, you ID card will be safe and organised, in your wallet, where you know it should be. Plus, since the ID window is there, it's visible for all to see once you have the wallet open, and you won't even need to get your ID card out of the wallet.

Which is the best to buy?

As with nearly all wallet styles, there's quite a difference in price range when it comes to ID wallets, starting with the good quality but basic names, such as Autograph, all the way to the luxury brands such as Aspinal and Mulberry. So we decided we should really pick out a couple of suggestions, just to help anyone who can decide.

Ted Baker Tri-Fold ID Window Wallet

This wallet has a lot going for it, and we could have included it in our Favourite Picks in other sections, including tri-fold wallets, or Ted Baker wallets. But we've included it here simply because it is one of the most simple but effective wallets with an ID window around. But just because it's simple, doesn't mean it's not good quality or isn't stylish. Quite the opposite in fact, as this wallet has bags of style, is very sleek and cool, and is made from 100% quality leather. The ID window is nicely placed in the central section inside the wallet, so is very easy to get at, but when closed, you'd never know it was there.

Ted Baker ID window wallet

Aspinal Large ID Wallet

Aspinal wallets are some of the finest around. These particular ID wallets are handmade, and come in a magnificent "mock croc" calfskin leather, which is some of the finest and softest leather available. Inside, there's plenty of room for all types of cards and notes, plus a sumptuous sued lining in contrasting colours. Aspinal are renowned for their attention to details, and if the suede wallet lining wasn't enough, Aspinal have even lined every single compartment with silk! But what separates this wallet from the crowd is that it comes with a very useful ID wallet as an extra bonus! See our complete choice of Aspinal wallets here.

Aspinal ID window wallet