Wallet Materials

Wallet Materials

There are plenty of great wallet designs and styles to suit all tastes, many in leather, but some in other materials. Sometimes it’s confusing to read about all the different types of leather, so we thought you might need a bit of help in finding the right wallet in the right material.

Men’s Leather Wallets

Leather Wallets

Obviously the traditional material used in wallets is leather. Sometimes the leather is finished in a particular shade or colour (see the black leather wallets, brown leather wallets, tan leather wallets), or can be given texture (see the J Fold wallets). Many of the finest wallets use calves leather (also known as calfskin), and some even crocodile, although most “croc” wallets use standard leather treated to look like crocodile, sometimes known as “mock croc”.

Leather Types

Pigskin Leather

Pigskin leather is hard wearing and quite resilient to scratches and scrapes. With this in mind it is often used for travel wallets.

Calfskin Leather

Calfskin leather is very soft and smooth to the touch, and has a fine grain. Calfskin leather should be free of any scars or marks. A wallet that specifies calfskin leather is usually made from higher quality material. Launer make some excellent wallets from calfskin leather.


Nubuck is a high quality leather from cattle. It is treated to give it a smooth and soft surface, a bit like velvet, by buffing the outside of the leather. Nubuck is tough and resistant to wear and tear. Timberland make some fine wallets from nubuck leather.

Ostrich Leather

Since ostrich farming has became popular, more ostrich leather has become available for use in fashion and clothing. Ostrich leather is considered one of the finest and most durable. It has a distinctive pattern of raised dots or circles, which comes from where the ostrich feathers grew.

Leather “finishes”

You may read about wallets in snakeskin, lizard skin or crocodile. This usually means the leather used has been finished to look like the leather from that particular animal – there are even ostrich leather finishes. Many wallet makers use this to create a stylish effect, sometimes for the whole wallet, sometime just for inside compartments, like the Aspinal wallets.

You may also see wallets from “mock croc”.  Essentially it is calf leather treated to give it an effect of crocodile leather.

Stainless Steel Wallets

Modern production methods often brings up a surprising number of new twists. Imagine a wallet made from stainless steel! But the men’s wallets by Stewart Stand is exactly that – stainless steel woven so fine it’s as soft as silk. But as you would expect, durable and tough as can be.

Nylon Wallets

Nylon is used mostly in wallets that need to be waterproof. There are plenty of these kinds of wallets around, from brands such as Animal, Quiksilver, Vans, Billabong and Rip Curl. These wallets are aimed at the surfer (that’s why they’re waterproof) skateboarders and urban street fashion.

Duct Tape Wallets

As with the stainless steel wallets, Ducti wallets have used an imaginative way of combing unusual materials to bring a new life into an everyday object. Ducti men’s wallets are made from duct tape, and are as tough as tough can be. Combine this with the super urban styling, and you have a very cool wallet indeed.