Avant Garde style wallets by Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is probably one of the UK's most famous designers, world-renowned for her inventive and sometimes outrageous fashion creations. The Vivienne Westwood style is a blend of mad and eclectic, but there is also a more practical side to this label, as can be seen in the wonderful men's wallets below. Many of them are beautifully made, from high quality leather, and all offer room for bank notes and credit cards - everything you could want in a wallet, but all done in that unique Vivienne Westwood way. We've picked out the best in Vivienne Westwood wallets below, from trusted UK retailers, at the best prices we could find online.

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About the Vivienne Westwood Men's Wallet Range

Vivienne Westwood is a clothing brand that has been around since the days of Punk in the 1970s. These days the label is no less rebellious, although is perhaps a little more widespread in its appeal. So rather than ripping up bin bags for dresses, the company has developed a name and reputation for quality as much as its avant-garde design and style. These wallets are the perfect example of that - well made from 100% leather, but in tough looking styles, with deep embossed logos, or in an almost electric tartan or gold, blue and red, harking back to the label's Punk roots. Needless to say, all the wallets come with the ubiquitous Vivienne Westwood Orb logo.

Vivienne Westwood wallets

About Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is famous world-wide for her designs of women's and men's clothing and accessories that are forward in the most extreme sense. Her unique style is based on clothes that are designed and cut just as cloth draped on the human body. One of the current generation of British fashion designers, Vivienne Westwood sets fashion trends rather than following them - other fashion designers follow her lead. Her designs over the last few decades are always developed from what's new among the young and the rebellious - her first efforts reflected Britain's punk scene of the 1970s.

Native to the UK and educated as a teacher, Vivienne switched to fashion design when her boyfriend and famous promoter Malcolm McLaren opened the Let It Rock boutique on Kings Road in 1971 - the boutique went through a series of names over the years, being called Sex, then Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die, and finally Seditionaries. Vivienne became the shop's chief clothes designer, basing her designs on what she saw on the street and in the clubs, especially taking cues from the punk scene of the time. Because McLaren was at the time also the manager of the punk band The Sex Pistols, Vivienne's punk designs ended up being worn by the band. Her first catwalk fashion show in 1981 amazed London.

Vivienne's work in the 80s and 90s included fashion experimentation that went from the fantastic to stylish take-offs on traditional upper-class clothing. Shoes and pottery became other outlets for Vivienne's design impulses. Her name became synonymous with high-style high-life fashion in the UK straight into the 21st century. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London staged the first retrospective of her design work in 2004 with well over one hundred complete outfits from the 70s onward grouped by theme, ranging from punk to traditional to glamour. One of her most recent fashion milestones was in cinema, in the 2008 adaptation of the American TV series "Sex and the City," where a wedding gown Vivienne designed became a major plot point of the movie - the main character, Carrie Bradshaw, ended up wearing the dress to her wedding at the movie's climax.

Vivienne Westwood is a leading global brand of fashionable clothing and accessories. Her design offerings today include not only women's wear, but also fashion wear for men, from jackets to knitwear to trousers, shoes, belts and wallets. There are five exclusive Vivienne Westwood shops in Europe, with three in London, another in Leeds and the last in Milan; there are also many Vivienne Westwood franchise stores scattered all over the UK: Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, York and Nottingham. Vivienne Westwood showrooms can be found in Los Angeles, Paris and Milan. Accessories of all types are sold under the Vivienne Westwood name and her line of wallets are offered with her distinctive touch of style.