Tri-fold Men's Wallets

Tri Fold wallets offer more room and compartments than the standard bi-fold (also called bill-fold or notebook) style men's wallet. As the name suggest, these are wallets with 3 folds, which means they can fold up fairly small, but open to a fuller sized wallet, often with extra compartments for notes, coins and an ID window. Tri fold wallets make it easy to organise your credit cards, business cards and bank notes. On the downside, a tri fold wallet that is full of various cards and notes, can result in it being quite thick, and make it a little uncomfortable to wear in a back pocket. So here's a quick tip: a tri fold wallet is for you if you tend to have lots of cards and notes that need organising, but other than that, keep your wallet fairly empty; or wear your wallet in a jacket or coat pocket. Alternatively, if you like to keep your wallet in your back pocket, then see our hip pocket wallets. Or if you would prefer something a little bigger, but slimmer or flatter, then also see our breast pocket wallets.

Our Choice

About our Tri-Fold Wallet Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best in tri-fold men's wallets above. We hand pick all our wallet choices, so we can make sure we bring you only what we think are the best around. We trawl through 1000s of online retailers in UK to check deals and availability, as well as choice. We aim to select wallets in various styles and designs, and in price ranges to suit all pockets, so hopefully you can get a good idea of exactly what's available, and at what prices. We also aim to select wallets from trustworthy fashion and menswear retailers.

Our Tri-Fold Wallet selection includes all the usual standard colours and materials, such as black leather, brown leather and tan leather wallets. But where possible we try to include anything we find that is a little more unusual, such as nylon wallets with Velcro fastening, plus more exclusive style leathers, such as ostrich leather and finest calfskin. Some of our selections are also from famous designers, such as Ted Baker, Simon Carter and Paul Smith, as well as classic leather makers such as Maxwell Scott, Aspinal and Launer. These are quality wallets which of course come with a higher price tag, so we have therefore included more affordable names such as Fossil, Diesel, John Lewis and Autograph wallets.

Which is the best to buy?

There's quite a lot of choice in the tri-fold wallet ranges, and we think that all the wallets in our tri-fold wallets selection offer great value for money and good quality. But for us, some of the best looking and best value tri-fold wallets are the Ted Baker wallets. Much of the Ted Baker range is made from quality leather, with great design and style.

Ted Baker Tri-Fold Wallet

We picked this wallet out because it seems to offer every function you could expect from a wallet. It nit only includes slots for cards and notes, and a zipped coin holder, but also a central ID compartment that can be seen once you open out the wallet. Like many of the Ted Baker wallets, this is made from 100% leather, and measures 10.5cm by 8.5cm. It would make a great gift too, since it comes with its own unique Ted Baker presentation box.

Ted Baker wallet

Maxwell Scott Tri Fold Wallet

We picked out this lovely, elegant tri fold wallet from Maxwell Scott because the actual tri-folding function is somewhat different to the standard way most wallets fold. It may, overall, look and feel like a bi-fold wallet, but that's because the 3rd flap is cleverly hidden as an extra section that can fold outwards, once the wallet is open. This leave the wallet being fairly slim, yet still with plenty of space for cards etc. And like all Maxwell Scott wallets, it's made from the finest leather. This wallet is available in a range of colours, including tan and brown leather. It has a nice cotton lining inside too, and comes complete in a beautiful presentation box, making it an exceptional gift.

Maxwell Scott wallet

Is a Tri-Fold Right for You?

The main point of a tri-fold style wallet is to offer more space for notes and cards, but with the chance to fold the wallet into a more standard sized wallet - something that will fit in your pocket. However, some people find that when folded, some tri-fold wallets can be a little chunky. If you need a larger wallet, also consider a travel wallet or a breast pocket wallet. These also offer plenty of room, but are usually in a bi-fold style, so can fold flatter.