Timberland Wallets for Men

Timberland is a designer brand best known for its rugged, tough shoes and clothing. Timberland wallets are no different. These are no nonsense wallets made from simple, quality leather, naturally finished, but very tough. As you would expect, Timberland wallets are functional too, with plenty of room for notes and cards. The Timberland wallet selection includes bi-fold or bill fold wallets, also know as hip pocket wallets, and also tri-fold wallets and credit card holders. We have tried to pick out the top styles available below.

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About the Timberland Men's Wallets Range

The Timberland wallets use fine quality leather, often calfskin or nu-buck leather, to create simple but strong and functional wallets with a tough and rugged appeal. The range includes bi-fold and tri-fold wallets, with a large variety of compartments for bank notes, credit cards and coins. Most of the Timberland wallets are finished in their trademark light brown or tan leather, some of which have a unique orange interior. There are also some black and dark brown leather wallets available too.

Timberland are fond of using "nubuck" leather in their designs. Nubuck leather was popular with cowboys and is essentially calfskin leather that has been brushed or finished on one side to give it a very soft surface, but at the same time making it very strong and durable.

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Timberland wallets are actually very distinctive, despite their claims of simplicity - there's nothing quite like them available elsewhere. If you're aiming to buy a wallet as a gift for a no nonsense kind of guy, then a Timberland wallet will be the perfect solution. For something with a similar no nonsense style, then also see the Maxwell Scott range of wallets.