British Classics - Wallets by Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a British clothing and fashion designer well known for classic designs with subtle twists. Ted Baker was originally known for designing and making men's shirts, but has since grown so much in popularity they now offer a complete range of men's and womens fashion, including a great range of men's wallets. Ted Baker wallets are well made and stylish, as well as being some of the best value wallets around, especially considering much of the Ted Baker wallet range is made from quality 100% leather. As you can see from our selection below, there's a wide choice of all the popular wallet styles and functions, including bi-fold, hip pocket wallets and tri-fold wallets and coin holders.

Our Choice

About Ted Baker Wallets for Men

Ted Baker designs have spread like wild fire through Britain over the few years they've been around. In fact it's sometimes hard to remember that Ted Baker is a relatively new label, since it has so quickly become a UK household name. Ted Baker men's wallets use quality materials and classic design, but often with a twist - a little touch of design flair that sets them apart from the crowd. These wallets are elegant, but never boring. The Ted Baker wallet range includes wallets with bi-fold, tri-fold, credit card slots, ID windows and coin compartments - all the necessary functions you need in a modern wallet. Some of the range occasionally comes as a special gift set, for example complete with a cufflinks set or key ring set, and many of the Ted Baker wallets include their own special presentation gift box, making them a superb gift. The Ted Baker wallets are stylish and use small but significant design motifs to add distinction and interest to the look, such as stud detail, brightly coloured inner lining, contrasting stitching, grained textured leather in black, or classic leather in tan or chocolate brown.

Ted Baker wallets are available from a range of stockists, such as the wonderful men's accessory shop, KJ Beckett, and the famous department store, John Lewis, but also direct from Ted Baker's online store.

Ted Baker wallet

Which is the best to buy?

Well, since there are all kinds of wallets in the range, to suit all kinds of tastes, it seems a bit futile to pick out just the one favourite. If you are looking for something sleek and stylish, or perhaps something really different to the rest of the crowd, something that really stands out, or maybe something a bit more formal, in plain, quality black leather...well, the Ted Baker wallet range will have it.

But at the moment, if we had to pick out one wallet, then we would go for this lovely chocolate brown leather wallet, complete with embroidered and embossed design details. This wallet definitely comes under the heading "classic with a twist"! It's a beautifully made wallet, in elegant deep chocolate brown leather. Inside there's a wonderful pattern lining, and plenty of slots and compartments for bank notes, credit cards and coins. So not much different to any classic men's wallet then. But then you see both inside and outside the wonderful design details from the bright embroidered paisley pattern, which is repeated elsewhere inside and outside the wallet in an embossed form, with the pattern marked into the leather. To top it all, like many Ted Baker wallets, this particular wallet comes in its own presentation box, making it a superb gift.

Ted Baker brown leather wallet

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