Wallets for Men in Tan Leather

Tan is a lighter, more natural looking shade of leather. It is often overlooked in men's wallets, as you have probably seen from the larger choice of black and brown. Sure, a black leather wallet has a sophisticated style and feel, and can't be beaten when it comes to needing a wallet for a formal look. But we think tan leather can give a wallet a really classic feel - either as a rugged, well worn look, or even a more sophisticated feel, in a light and fresh way. This is a quality of the richness of the natural, tan colour of the leather. We have picked out what we think are some of the very best in tan wallets for men below. We always hand pick our choice, so that we can be sure to include only those wallets that offer quality, style and good value for money. We search through thousands of retailers looking for al types of wallet to include in our site, and our tan wallet choice includes various styles such as bi-fold, tri-fold, travel, breast pocket and hip pocket wallets, all in classic tan leather. We also like to include a wide choice of prices, from the affordable and functional, to the higher priced designer and luxury wallets.

Our Choice

About our Tan Leather Wallet Selection

Tan leather wallets are all too often overlooked in men's wallet design. Which we think is a real shame, because there are some absolute gems available in this range. In fact, we think tan leather is one of the best kept secrets in wallet fashion. Tan leather is beautifully natural looking and is the perfect material for a man's wallet. Tan leather wallets seem to fall into categories of style - elegant and classy, letting the quality of the leather shine through, or aged and antique, giving the wallet lots of character. Either way, a tan leather wallet will never go out of style, and will age very well. If you're thinking of spending a bit more on a wallet, don't be scared to go for a tan leather wallet - it will last well, both in style and physical terms.

You will probably be able to see from our choice above, tan leather is great for adding subtle decoration, such as an embossed logo like the Aspinal and Forzieri wallets, or bold stitching as with the Ted Baker wallets. Tan is also a great colour for adding contrasting colours, such as a red or blue interior lining. Some of our selection comes from famous designer names, such as Ted Baker and Simon Carter wallets, as well as classic leather makers such as Maxwell Scott, Aspinal and Mulberry where possible. These are quality wallets which of course come with a higher price tag, so we have therefore included more affordable names.

Which is best to buy?

Although the choice in tan leather wallets may be smaller than for black or brown leather wallets, it can still be a tricky process in deciding which is the right wallet for you. So below we have picked out a couple of beauties, just to give you a helping hand in choosing.

Maxwell Scott Tan Leather Wallet

Maxwell Scott make some fine wallets for men, and this tan leather billfold model is one of their absolute classics. This is a handmade wallet, using only the finest quality leather. And we particularly love the subtle, natural tone of the tan leather finish - just beautiful - which in turn allows the grain of the Italian leather to shine through. Now this is exactly what we had in mind when we said tan wallets are one of the best kept secrets in men's wallet fashion. This natural looking wallet has a real air of simple quality about it. See our complete choice of Maxwell Scott wallets here.

Maxwell Scott tan wallet

Aspinal Tan Leather Wallet

If you are looking for something with a more traditional style, made with quality craftsmanship, then consider the beautiful tan leather wallet from Aspinal below. The tan leather really shines, and seems full of vibrancy. It is a beautifully natural finish, but as with all Aspinal wallets, they are of extremely high quality, timeless in style, wonderfully made and very, very elegant. See our complete choice of Aspinal wallets here.

Aspinal tan leather wallet

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