Mens Wallet Styles

In fashion, the stylish item we call a wallet is made of brown, tan or black leather, folds either once as a bi-fold or three times as a tri-fold and fastens with a metal clasp, though sometimes the clasp may be optional. Seasonal variations do come out, but it is much better to stick with perennial issuances of the major fashion designers. Wallets can be branded as a store edition or as a house name. Regional differences may come into play when shopping - for example, in those European countries that mint large coins, wallets with larger-than-usual coin compartments are sold. European banknotes are much larger than American dollars, so buy a wallet sized for the currency you will be using.

Men's Wallets - best styles and deals

How to Choose a Good Wallet

The four criteria for judging the criteria of a new wallet are material, utility, thickness and style. You'll want fine leather or some other durable material that still looks good. After all, you'll be pulling the wallet in and out of your pocket or bag more often than you'd realise. In fact, that wear may be the reason you're looking for a new wallet. Take your current wallet out right now and look at it. Is it bent and rounded at the corners? Is the surface starting to show scuffs? Are the seams stretched or even torn? Has your wallet taken the dread trip through the washer and dryer? If the answer to more than one of these questions is Yes, then it's time to look for a new wallet.

You may want to buy more than one. You can have a basic one for the day-to-day basics and another fancier one for your nights out with dinner and clubbing. Perhaps you want one with a distinct style for the track or other sporting events. You might want prune the contents of your wallet and separate out the stuff you no longer need to carry around. It's not necessary to carry around those printed photos when you can display images digitally in a little flat add-on for the wallet.

The extra feature that come with the bi-fold and tri-fold wallet is the number of slots into which you fit your credit cards, your drivers license, your coffee card, your work ID, your debit card, your gym membership card, your business card, your medical card - the list can go on and on. Perhaps you'll need more than one wallet to hold all the cards you have to carry around. Remember, though, that every card you add to your wallet makes it that much thicker, which brings us to the final point.

Thin is in

A high-fashion wallet is slim. It doesn't have room for all that paper money AND your coins AND your photos AND your receipts. Decide what you'll carry in your slim wallet - it could be just your credit cards and notes.

On the other hand, reversing a fashion trend often results in a new fashion trend. The bulky wallet will always be seen by some as a manly accoutrement. Not only will everything fit in such a wallet, but the tough look will appeal to what we might call the 'cowboy' type. The leather might be pre-scuffed to highlight the rough look, and the style might be a tri-fold wallet, for example.

A third type also exists between these two extremes, the wallet for businessman who wants to show off his expensive taste, yet still be able to carry everything he needs for his daily business tasks, such as the breast pocket wallets. All three styles can be accommodated by wallets offered by today's top fashion designers.

Leather is a Must

Let's go back to materials again. Leather is an appealing material in and of itself. A wallet made of fine leather is not only beautiful, but also sensual. You want to make sure that the leather wallet you are buying is made from actual leather. Authentic leather has a smell that cannot be faked - imitation leather smells like imitation leather. Second, check the threading and the seams - if the sewing of the seams is haphazard, then it's quite likely the leather is not real leather.


Lastly, though we hate to say this, look at the price. Real leather is expensive. A top quality leather wallet will not come cheap, but it will be something that will last and that you can treasure for years to come.