Stylish Wallets by Storm

Storm wallets come from the famous London fashion brand renowned for its exclusive watches and distinctive stylish fashion accessories. Storm always aim to create innovative designs and have recently introduced some bold and bright colours to their leather wallet range, as well as keep the beautifully elegant, glossy black leather. Storm wallets are contemporary, sleek and sophisticated, yet very affordable.

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About the Storm Wallets for Men Range

Storm is cutting edge designer label aimed at those after something seriously cool yet affordable. Their wallet range includes bi-fold wallets in brown or black. Storm use amazingly soft and tactile leather for their wallets, which all come with the Storm logo -  either as a metal plate or an embossed logo - on the front or back of the wallet.

Storm Wallets for men

Storm Park Wallet

We know that Storm fashion designs are normally associated with sleek black and polished metal, but they have since introduced some wonderfully brightly coloured wallets that we think really stand out and deserve a mention, as well as a nice photo. These "Park" Storm wallets are made from polyurethane (PU), so aren't real leather, hence the very affordable prices. But just because they aren't real leather, doesn't mean they don't look and even feel good. In fact these wallets are very smooth to the touch, with a wonderfully elegant matt finish, and completed with a distinctive embossed Storm logo. There's also a metal Storm badge to complete the effect outside. Inside there's a large, divided note section and a pocket for coins, plus 4 compartments for credit cards. And if that wasn't enough, Storm have even included a pocket for a SIM card too, making sure we all know that this wallet is aimed at the young, modern Gent. The size is a fairly standard 11cm x 9cm, in a bi-fold style, perfect to fit into a back pocket. This wallet is available in bright red (as below) and other colours, including a Royal blue.

Storm Park Wallet - Red

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Storm produce some wonderfully cool fashion accessories and watches, and their wallets for men are just the same. Sleek and sophisticated styling with cutting edge design and materials make these Storm wallets are something special. But the price is affordable too! But if you can't find the right wallet for you above, then also consider wallets by J Fold wallets, Dosh wallets, Element, Nixon, and Diesel.