Stewart Stand Stainless Steel Wallets for Men

Stewart Stand wallets are made from woven stainless steel. Weird, you might think. But the material is very thin, yet soft to the touch, but of course extremely tough. Perfect then for making wallets. The range includes bi-fold and tri-fold wallets, and also a travel wallet. Some are simply finished with the silver of the stainless steel, others have a leather exterior. We have selected what we think are the very best Stewart Stand stainless steel wallets below, and we aim to keep our wallet price checker updated so you can find all the best wallets at the best prices.

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About Stewart Stand Men's Wallets

These men's wallets from Stewart Stand are just amazing! Rather than making their wallet range from conventional materials, Stewart Stand wanted to give the simple men's wallet a new twist. Why use leather like everyone else when you can use a material totally new and unique for wallets: woven stainless steel! But these unique men's wallet are still surprisingly soft and flexible. It really doesn't feel like you are handling anything made from steel at all. Rather, it feels very gentle on the fingers, which of course is a good thing when it comes to a wallet. The stainless steel material is very thin indeed. In fact Stewart Stand claim it is up to three times as thin as a standard sheet of paper. Super soft, they feel like silk! Stewart Stand wallets make the perfect gift for any man who enjoys something unique in life.

Theo Stewart-Stand originally started out designing items such as cufflinks and basic jewellery itmes, mostly for gifts for his close family and friends. As the story goes, the recipients of these gifts were very impressed, in particular by simple elegance of the items Theo had made for them. After this experience, people encourage Theo to develop his range of products and embark on creating a lasting brand and name. And so it was that Stewart-Stand went on to develop a full portfolio of products, including wallets, and there is no wallet in the world like their collection! Indeed Stewart Stand has completely reinterpreted this simple men's accessory. Stainless steel wallets, with an ultra-thin profile and soft to touch!

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Stewart Stand wallets are perfect for anyone who wants a super tough, yet super elegant wallet, with style that is set apart from all other wallets. There's nothing quite like these stainless steel wallets, but if you can't find anything that appeals to you from the above Stewart Stand wallet range, then also consider designer brands such as Dosh wallets for something that is also proud to be stylishly different.