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There are some amazing bargains to be had, it's hard to keep up! But we have tried to include the best wallets at the best prices, from the very best names in men's fashion and leather craftsmanship below. Plus we have also included as list of relevant voucher codes or discout codes, so you can get even more moeny off your wallet purchase!

Need some tips on choosing a wallet? If you are looking for classic and traditional style, then Aspinal, Launer and Maxwell Scott are world renowned for their exquisite designs, elegant sophistication and quality leather craftsmanship. Or, if designer names are more for you, then Paul Smith is probably the best know British fashion designer, and the Paul Smith wallets are one of the most highly sought after fashion accessories for men. Hugo Boss wallets are everything you would expect from this iconic designer label - elegant, beautifully made, from only the finest materials.

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Here are some of the best deals around on the best wallets for men. We have specially selected these wallets from a choice of the very best men's fashion and accessory retailers in UK.

Why we love wallets

Today, a man's wallet is no longer a utilitarian accessory, but is instead considered a fashion statement that shows the world who and what you are. Stylish wallets developed by top-level fashion designers fill the racks at stores - it's easy to find a wallet that is both useful and good-looking. Given that you'll always be taking your wallet out and essentially showcasing your taste, you'll want a wallet that makes a statement on the type of man you are.

Utility also comes into the equation. A fashionable wallet is one that is also well-made and that lasts far beyond the one you can buy cheaply at a neighbourhood shop. You'll end up replacing the cheap wallet anyway after a few months and end up buying another one, then another one, resulting in a cost equivalent to what you'd pay for a fine wallet in the first place. A fine fashionable wallet will last for years and will be an item that you will be proud to display whenever you have to pay, whether by cash or with credit.

So, yes, a wallet is a fashion statement. The place to go when searching for such a statement is a fashion designer. Some of the famous designers whose portfolio of fashionable offerings include men's wallets you might want to peruse include those you might not think about when considering a new wallet: Vivienne Westwood, Fred Perry, Lacoste, Gant and Oakley, to name a few. Other designer brands aimed at the younger man include Diesel, Nixon, Simon Carter and Ted Baker. If you are looking for something unique and individual, then also see Dosh and J Fold. And finally, you could look for something in a more traditional style, from brands such as Aspinal, Smythson, Launer or Maxwell Scott.