Great Looking Men's Wallets by Rip Curl

Rip Curl have some great looking and affordable wallets in their men's wallet range. This brand, like quite a few others around these days, is aimed at the surf and skate lovers.  Rip Curl wallets come in 2 main styles: the waterproof polyester version, that comes in a flap wallet style, usually with Velcro fastener, and the standard bill fold hip pocket wallet, often in leather, in a variety of colours, often with strong, geometric designs or a dominant Rip Curl logo design on the front. The polyester wallets are mainly for sports and activities, especially board sports such as surfing, since these wallet are waterproof. The standard style wallet are more for everyday use, and come with lots of compartments for bank note, credit cards and coins. We have picked out what we think are the very best Rip Curl wallets below, so you can find the best wallet for you quickly and easily.

Our Choice

About Rip Curl Wallets for Men

Rip Curl wallets perfect for the young, urban style crowd. If you are into your skate or surf style, then you will definitely have heard of Rip Curl already.

Surf Wallets

The Rip Curl range offers some of the biggest choice in surf wallets around, many of which feature an external pocket, bold design, an embossed patch Rip Curl logo badge, and of course the essential Velcro fastener. These wallets are perfect for tucking away in a pocket whilst you are snowboarding or skateboarding, or in fact doing any sports. But they really come into their own should you need to have your wallet around when you are in or near water, since many of these wallet are waterproof (to a degree). So if you intend to be on the beach, or doing a bit of surfing or wind surfing, a wallet like this can be perfect to put in your beach shorts pocket.

Rip Curl Surf Wallets

Fashion Wallets

Like many of the surf and skate brands and labels these days, Rip Curl have developed their clothing and accessories ranges to include all types of fashion wear as well as their essential sports gear. So you will find plenty of fashion wallets, many of them in 100% pure leather, available from Rip Curl also. They come in a huge variety of colours and designs, but most of them all include a prominent Rip Curl logo on the front. One of the best things about these wallets is the price - there can be very few 100% leather wallets from a well known designer label at these prices!

Rip Curl Fashion Wallets

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Rip Curl wallets and designer wear have that distinctive, urban cool look that goes along with much of the fashion from the surf and skate style. If you are into this style but don't see a particular wallet that suits your needs from our Rip Curl wallet choice above, then see the similar urban style wallets, and some surfer and skateboard fashion designs also offered by brands we have included in our wallet selection, such as Etnies, Animal, Element, Billabong, Nixon, O'Neil, Quiksilver and Vans. If you are looking for something with cutting edge style, also see Dosh wallets.