Passport Covers and Holders for Men

A passport holder or passport cover makes a great gift for anyone who likes to travel. A good quality passport cover should offer protection for your passport, perhaps with the added benefits of one or two extra pockets of compartments for tickets, boarding passes, traveller's cheques etc. But for us, a good passport cover should also be stylish and elegant, as well as practical. That's why we have picked out our favourite passport covers below, just to show you where you can find the best styles at the best prices. We constantly check through thousands of online retailers in UK to make sure we can find what we think are the best looking and value for money wallets and passport covers or holders. Where possible, we like to include a wide range, and our choice includes passport holders in a variety of colours and materials, in particular leather, from some of the best leather craftsmen such as Aspinal of London.

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About our Men's Passport Covers Selection

A passport holder makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys travelling. It will help protect the passport and keep it from being damaged and looking tatty. But many passport holders and covers are a stylish addition to any travellers luggage and extras, and can of course hold money (perhaps foreign currency) credit cards and travel tickets inside too. A passport holder is the perfect accessory for the style conscious man who likes to stay organised while on the move. We have tried to bring you the very best in passport holders and passport covers above, in price ranges to suit all pockets, and styles to suit all tastes. We have also aimed to select products only from trustworthy fashion and menswear retailers in UK. Many passport covers come with printed or embossed images - the British crest is particularly popular.

Aspinal Passport Cover

Well, considering that Aspinal offer a nice choice of slightly different styles of their beautiful leather passport covers, it was a fairly easy choice to pick them out as our favourite. We're still not sure exactly what style we would go for - they are all great - but for now we have settled on this very subtle, elegant leather passport cover in Cognac colour English Bridle leather. You can see in an instance that this is a quality item. Not only is the leather of the highest quality, but inside the lining is made from silk. The corners are protected with sturdy gold metal covers, and there is elegant stitching around each side, and comes with a practical and useful inside pocket for all your travel documents. We especially love the embossed British crest on the front, reflecting the same crest from a British passport. As mentioned above, Aspinal offer a wide choice of passport covers - some with a gold printed crest, some in mock croc leather, some in a variety of different colours. But we love the simplicity and sophistication this particular cover offers. And better still, it's possible to get the cover personalised with the owner's initials on the front cover. You can tell it's made for British passports, since the measurements are given in Imperial inches, with the height being 5.5 inches, and width at 3.75 inches. However, Aspinal do make passport covers for a wide range of nationalities, including Canada and USA.

Aspinal Pasport Cover

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