O'Neill Men's Wallets

O'Neill is probably one of the best know snow and surf brands around. That's why you will see so many of their wallets in water proof materials, such as nylon, complete with easy Velcro fastening. O'Neill is know for cool and colourful - perfectly fitting it's Californian roots. Many of the wallets below fit in well with that laid back sun and surf philosophy, but there are also one or two made from more traditional materials, such as leather, in more standard designs and styles. We have picked out some of the best O'Neill wallets below, so you can be sure to find the right style for you, quickly and easily. We aim to keep the details and prices regularly updated, so you can quickly see who is offering the best deals and find yourself a bargain!

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About O'Neill Wallets for Men

O'Neill is a brand that started out making wet suits in Northern California, but has since gone on to offer a complete range of clothing and accessories for surf and snow alike. The O'Neill wallet range includes wallets in a wide variety of styles and colours, from the cheaper nylon wallets - perfect for any sports activity such as surfing or snowboarding, to the more traditional style bi-fold wallets, that, of course, do all come with a big twist in their design, with some very distinctive prints and colours.

O'Neill wallets

O'Neill wallets are aimed at anyone into the surf snow and skate style. If you want to see more of something similar, then also check out the great wallets from Nixon, Animal, Etnies, Vans Element and Billabong. For equally stylish and colourful wallets, all in unique designs, then also consider Dosh wallets here, and J Fold wallets.