Oakley Wallets for Men

Oakley were originally known for their innovative sunglasses and sports goggles. Oakley have built a reputation for designing innovative, quality products, where form is equally as important as function, and the results are simply stunning. Exactly the same design ethos has gone into the Oakley range of men's wallets below. Beautifully made, many of them from 100% leather, in a sleek elegant design, yet full of all the practical needs and functions you would want from a man's wallet. Our Oakley wallet selection includes bi-fold leather wallets in black and brown, in a variety of styles, including a perforated wallet. We have picked out what we think are the very best in Oakley wallets, and we try to make sure our wallet choice comes only from recognised and trusted men's fashion retailers in UK.

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About the Oakley Men's Wallet Range

If you have watched much sport on TV recently, especially things like snow sports and water sports, but also things such as cricket or cycling, then chances are you have seen someone wearing a pair of Oakley sports sunglasses. By using the same approach to design, Oakley have introduced a great range of accessories for men, including the wonderful wallets above.

The Oakley wallet range includes sleek and cutting edge styled wallets. Nearly all of the range is made from 100% leather, with the odd innovative material thrown in, such as aluminium - well, what else would you expect from Oakley! The leather wallets are available in both brown and classic black leather.

Oakley Square O Perf Wallet

As a perfect example of their sports background, we have picked out this Oakley Square O Perf wallet, with its distinctive front cover design, in a leather bi-fold style. As they say at Oakley "Inventions wrapped in Art!"

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Oakley wallets are aimed at anyone who appreciates the designs of this wonderful brand, whether you are young or old. Oakley are first and foremost a sports brand, designing innovative products that are both beautiful and practical, as well as tough wearing. But never would they take the cheap and cheerful route. If you can't find anything that appeals to you from the above Oakley range, then also consider designer brands such as Nixon or Dosh wallets. For equally stylish wallets, if a little more understated, then also check out the Ted Baker wallets and the immaculate Simon Carter wallets.

About Oakley

Oakley is best known as the California manufacturer of sport sunglasses and other vision-related visors and goggles, but the company also makes clothing, watches, backpacks, bags and wallets, among other accessories. The best way to understand the quality of the Oakley brand is to understand the mystique of their famous sunglasses. Sunglasses do protect your eyes from the sun's ultra-violet rays, but Oakley took the next step to make sunglasses the ultimate stylish accessory to your own fashion statement.

Oakley began in 1975 as a supplier of motorcycle handlebar grips to motocross drivers. Jim Jannard sold his Oakley Grips, named after his dog, from the boot of his car at professional and amateur motocross events. Jannard created these grips in his own garage from a secret material he called unobtainium, a term jokingly used by aerospace engineers in the 1950s for any substance that would be perfect for its intended use except for the fact that it does not exist -- the chemical formula is still a trade secret and is used for many items in the Oakley product lines. In 1980, Jannard designed and released the Oakley O/20 Goggle for racing; in 1983, the Oakley Ski Google; in 1984, the Oakley Eyeshade. For the next several decades, Jannard and Oakley produced Oakley versions of driving gloves, chin guards, elbow guards and number plates for the Motocross and BMX communities. Clothes and accessories were a natural follow-up.

Oakley uses the theme of an active sports life to brand all its products. Among the top athletes chosen for sponsorship and association with Oakley are such super-stars as American basketball legend Michael Jordan, Swedish extreme skier Jon Olsson and Thai/American skateboarder Eric Koston - others include cyclist Lance Armstrong, snowboarder Shaun White, pro golfers Ian Poulter and Rory McIlroy, surfer Balaram Stack, American baseball player Ichiro Suzuki, extreme skater Dorien Walker, Formula One race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya, NASCAR driver Ricky Carmichael, Scottish race car driver Dario Franchitti, motocross racer James "Bubba" Stewart, extreme snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler and tennis player Samantha Stosur.

Oakley has a twin focus on sports performance gear that looks good and on those stylish fashion accessories that stand out from the crowd. Besides the signature Oakley sunglasses and watches, the company also produces fine bi-fold leather wallets embossed with the iconic Oakley "O" and suitable for use in both a business setting and when out night-clubbing. Oakley wallets come in either black or brown leather, some models textured or artistically pierced. Though small, the wallet can hold both paper money and cards of many types; they are available online, in department stores, at specialty stores and at exclusive Oakley outlets.