Wallet Maintenance


How best to care for your wallet


After you’ve bought a fine leather wallet, be sure to take the steps to guarantee that it will stay fine for many years to come. We’re talking about cleaning the wallet in general and then protecting the leather surface to prevent the surface from drying out. After all, a good quality leather wallet should be able to last you a long, long time. Indeed, there’s no reason why it can’t last years, so long as you look after it well enough. A fine quality leather wallet can therefore be seen as a good, long term investment. So if you treat yourself (or someone special) to a wallet by Launer, Mulberry or Aspinal, for example, make sure you treat it well and with care – after all, you wouldn’t want it to end up looking like the wallet below, would you?


Wallet Maintenance – How to Care for your mens wallet


Clear Out and Clean


Once a month, sit down and empty your wallet. Take out all those scraps of paper and lint that have accumulated inside those little crevices. Swab both the inside and the outside of the wallet with an anti-bacterial wipe and then use a soft cotton cloth with some gentle leather cleanser to wipe off the residue. You follow that with your choice of one of several types of leather conditioner. A high-quality shoe polish that you would use for your finest shoes will suffice if none of these conditioners are available – apply the polish with a soft bush and buff with a chamois cloth.


Mink oil can be found in the shoe care section of a department store – once you apply it to your wallet, let it soak in a bit before buffing. Neatsfoot oil is another leather protective oil that works well for leather in the darker shades – do not use on light-coloured leathers. An application of neatsfoot oil, even well-buffed, may leave behind some oily residue that will attract dirt and dust. Saddle soap contains mild soap, bee’s wax, lanolin, glycerin and neatsfoot oil – though intended per its name for saddle and horse tack, saddle soap may turn out to be the perfect conditioner for your type of wallet.


The last rule is to sit on your wallet as little as possible. Keep it in a front pocket or in the inside pocket of your suit jacket. If the seams of your wallet separate or the leather surface begins to crack, find a shoe repair shop that specialises in repairing leather.