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Lacoste clothing is well known for it's high quality and classic yet sporty styling. Well, luckily the Lacoste wallets are just the same. These wallets are truly well made, and come in classic designs in top quality leather in black, brown or tan. We've lovingly picked out what we think are the best in Lacoste wallets, so you can see exactly what we are talking about. Our choice will hopefully mean you can find the perfect wallet for your needs quickly and easily, as well as find the best deals and prices available. All of our wallet choices come only from trusted UK retailers.

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About the Lacoste Range of Wallets for Men

Lacoste is a French clothing brand that has been around since 1933. It is probably most famous for its polo shirts, but Lacoste is also synonymous with classic styling and quality materials and manufacture. And it is exactly this recipe that makes the Lacoste wallets so popular and such as success. Lacoste wallets are both beautiful and practical, with plenty of room for your bank notes as well as numerous credit card slots too. And better still, the wallets all feature the famous crocodile logo in one way or another.

Lacoste wallets

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About Lacoste

Lacoste is one of those high-quality clothing providers based in France that has branched out from clothes into the production of fine men's wallets, caps, belts and other accessories necessary to create a fashion statement. Rene Lacoste was a sportsman and champion tennis player of the Golden Age of the 1920s. He was nicknamed 'The Crocodile' by friends and the press -- sources indicate the title was somewhat of an inside joke. In response, Rene had his blazers embroidered with a tiny crocodile. André Gillier, a French manufacturer of fine knitwear, proposed a partnership with Rene to sell tennis shirts with a tiny crocodile emblem. In 1933, an iconic item of clothing was born.

The Lacoste company was originally called La Société Chemise Lacoste and, in addition to shirts for tennis, also produced similar shirts for sailing and for golf. In 1951, shirt colours beyond 'tennis white' were introduced and, in 1952, the shirt line was introduced to the United States. The product was aimed at the upper-class American as the status symbol for the accomplished sportsman. Sold at first in Brooks Brothers, the shirt line became a favourite among the 'preppy' young men of the upper classes -- the shirt is prominently mentioned in the 1980 "Official Preppy Handbook" by Lisa Birnbach.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, Lacoste introduced lines of perfumes, sunglasses, watches and leather wallets, among many other types of clothing and fashion accessories. Lacoste also expanded into shoes of all kinds, from sandals to boots to flip-flops to sneakers to men's and women's dress flats. There's even a children's line of fashionable clothing, shoes, and accessories. By 2005, Lacoste was selling over 50,000,000 products yearly in well over one hundred countries. Sporting sponsors are still sought after by the company -- among the recent spokesmen were such stalwarts as tennis player Andy Roddick and pro golfers Colin Montgomerie and José María Olazábal.

Lacoste boutiques operate world-wide both as independent shops and as concessions within large department stores. In the UK, Lacoste can be found at such high-end shops as John Lewis Partnership and KJ Beckett; in the USA, look for Lacoste counters in Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Canada offers Lacoste products in the Harry Rosen chain; in Australia, shop at the Myer and at David Jones chains. Online shopping for Lacoste products began in 2007 -- check the Internet for availability in your region for products that cannot be found in any of the physical stores.

Lacoste wallets, with bi-folds, tri-folds and long wallets that all symbolise the sporting life, exemplify what is beautiful and wonderful about those games and sports played outdoors in the heart of nature.