Stylish and Colourful Wallets by J Fold

J Fold Wallets are some of the hottest men's wallets around. These wallets are made from 100% top grain leather, and finished in distinctive colours, many with contrasting lining or design features. The leather on many of the wallet models is perforated or textured, giving the whole wallet a look of class, style and refinement. We have selected what we think is the very best choice in J Fold Wallets below.

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About J-Fold Wallets for Men

J Fold Wallets are one of the most popular men's fashion wallets available these days. J Fold is a New York based design company, originally famous for "The Original Sport Wallet". J Fold wallets are worn by a host of cool and famous and include Snoop Dog and Justin Timberlake among admirers. J fold wallets have become highly sought after in their native USA, and luckily for us they are now available in UK too. The J Fold wallet range includes models such as the Loungemaster, Tred, Reverb, V Twelve, Altrus, and Jetstream. The J-Fold wallets are made from 100% top grain leather, and finished in distinctive colours, including brown, green, red, tan, cream, light blue, black, dark green. Many of the wallets come with contrasting colour lining. The leather on the J Fold wallet models is often textured in some way, either perforated or with raised dots, giving the whole wallet a very distinctive and stylish look. But the best thing is, the J Fold wallets are great value, with many wallets in the range costing around 40.

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