Hurley Skate and Surf Style Wallets for Men

Hurley is a brand which has a strong and loyal following from the surf and skate crowd. Their wallets offer an affordable option for anyone looking for something that stands out from the crowd but won't cost the earth. Check out our choice of the top wallets from Hurley below. We've checked 1000s of online UK retailers and hand picked our selection, in order to bring you the best choice in men's wallets, including the Hurley range below.

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About Hurley Wallets

The Hurley brand has been around for a long time. It was originally founded in 1979 by Bob Hurley, and was later connected to the Australian surfer brand, Billabong. But since the nineties, Hurley have gone from strength to strength, and their clothing and fashion range is hugely popular with their target market - surfers and skaters. Hurley is based in California (where else!) in Costa Mesa.

Hurley offer a cool yet affordable choice of wallets, all in their inimitable surfer style. Part of their wallet range currently includes brightly coloured wallets, for example in bright orange, green or royal blue. These are a little reminiscent of the J Fold wallets, and indeed some in fact have the perforated finish used so well by J Fold. However, the Hurley wallets are made from vinyl rather than leather, and are therefore much cheaper. We've picked out the Hurley Sand Blaster wallet below as a great example of how distinctive the Hurley design can be, without departing too far from its surf and skate roots. It's made from tough vinyl, so can withstand all the wear and tear you could possibly put it through. But tough on the outside, doesn't mean hard on the inside, because if you open this wallet up, you'll find a stylish lining with the Hurley logo, along with some practical bit and pieces, such as an ID Photo compartment.

Hurley Wallets

Did you know...

Hurley are proud of their surfer roots, and have never forgotten their love of the ocean and the lifestyle, especially the music. These days they sponsor various bands, including Weezer, All Time Low, Avenged Sevenfold and Blink 182. In fact Weezer's 2010 album "Hurley" was named after the company who were helping them and sponsoring them in its early stages. Many people wrongly though the album was named after a character from the TV show Lost.

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