The Classic Style - Hip Pocket Wallets for Men

Hip pocket wallets are also known as hip wallets or jeans wallets. As you can probably guess, it's designed to be kept in the back (or hip) pocket of your trousers or jeans. These types of wallets are usually bi-fold or "bill fold" in style, meaning they fold in 2, rather than, for example, the tri-fold variety, which when folded, would usually be too fat to fit comfortably in a back pocket, or the breast pocket wallets, that are slim but longer and so would stick out of the top of any trouser pocket. The hip pocket wallet is probably the most popular style of men's wallet these days, since it is very versatile. It can suit all occasions, from formal to social, and all types of attire, from a business suit to a casual pair of jeans.

Our Choice

About our Hip Pocket Wallet Selection

We have tried to bring you the very best selection of hip wallets, in price ranges to suit all pockets, and styles to suit all tastes. Our choice includes wallets made from standard leather, but also some of the more expensive, luxury wallets, which come in a high grade leather, such as calfskin. There are even some hip pocket wallets from pigskin and lizard skin. We have tried to include a good range of colours and all shades of leather - from darker, chocolate brown, to glossy black, to light and natural looking tan leather, plus there are the amazing J-Fold Wallets, with colourful linings and touches, and the amazing striped Paul Smith wallets - truly distinctive!

Hip or Breast Pocket Wallet?

Good question! Hip pocket wallets are probably the most popular and sought after types of men's wallets around these days. Breast pocket wallets may be slimmer but also longer, more rectangular in shape rather than the square of the hip pocket wallet. It would stick out over the top of any jeans back pocket, since it's made to be kept in an inside pocket. Breast pocket wallets are bigger and roomier, but not everyone wears a jacket or coat to keep carry a breast pocket wallet. Hip pocket wallets may be slightly smaller, but they are the perfect handy size for tucking away into the back pocket of any style of trousers, from jeans to a suit. Hip wallets are usually bi-fold or notebook style, meaning they fold in two, but when they open out there's plenty of room for notes, credit cards and sometimes even an ID window.

Which is the best hip or jeans pocket wallet to buy?

As mentioned above, the hip wallet is the most popular size, so there's a lot of choice. We've made sure we have selected only wallets that offer great value for money and good quality. We love the quality and the price of some of the Maxwell Scott wallets, plus the distinctively British design of the Paul Smith and Simon Carter wallets (see the example below). And who could resist such luxury and refinement from the Aspinal wallets.

Simon Carter hip pocket wallet

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A hip pocket wallet is usually quite square and designed specifically to fit into the back pocket, as preferred by many men these days. To make sure you are getting the right wallet style, it's a good idea to compare the other wallet shapes. Some men still like to keep their wallet in an inside coat of jacket pocket, in which case check out the breast pocket wallets.