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Hidesign have a reputation for offering good value and fine quality wallets. It's easy to jump to conclusions when you see the low prices, but just because the Hidesign range isn't expensive, doesn't mean you should overlook it when considering buying a new wallet. HiDesgin pride themselves on their quality manufacture and especially their quality leather.

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About Hidesign Men's Wallets

Hidesign offer some of the best wallets in their price range. Hidesign pride themselves on using good quality, natural leather in all of their leather goods and accessories, including theor men's wallets. The specially treated Hidesign leather goes through a tanning process to ensure it remains consitently natural-looking, with a softness and flexiblily matched only by its durability. Make no mistake - these wallets might be cheaper than some, but it doesn't mean they will fall apart after a few weeks' of use. The Hidesign men's wallet selection offers all sorts of wonderfully affordable wallets, in choices such as black, tan and brown leather, or with a wide range of wallet functions, such as card slots, ID windows, and even removeable compartments. There are plenty of styles too, including standard hip or back pocket wallets in bi-fold design, all the way up the sizes to travel wallets and back again with smaller credit card holders. Hidesign offer a range of wallets and leather goods called "Stitch Corners" which comes in wonderful tan leather and includes distinctive stitching as a design feature.

Hidesign aim to use high quality leather in all of their products. In fact they claim you can recognise the quality of the leather by its glow. Hidesign use traditional methods to prepare and finish the leather, so that it assures longevity, and Hidesign use a form of vegetable tanning that is kind to the environment, compared to methods that may use harsh chemicals, for example. In fact Hidesign say that they aim to avoid using any types of manufacturing methods or additives in the manufacturing process that may cause damage to people or the environment. All fittings and fixtures, such as zips or fasteners on a wallet are hand polished and cast in solid brass.

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