Gianfranco Ferre - Fine Italian Wallets for Men

Gianfranco Ferre Wallets are the epitome of Italian style, elegance and refinement - everything you would expect from Italian design and leather craftsmanship. These wallets are made from soft, quality Italian leather, which is combined with sophisticated style - what more could you want! Any man who enjoys some of the best in life, and loves that touch of Italian finesse, is sure to appreciate these special leather wallets. Below we have picked out what we think are the very best wallets from the wonderful Gianfranco Ferre range.

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About Gianfranco Ferre Wallets

Gianfranco Ferre was an Italian fashion designer known as "the architect of fashion". Gianfranco Ferre Men's Wallet range includes credit and business card holders, breast coat wallets, billfold wallets and hip pocket wallets. The wallets are made from exquisite high quality 100% Italian leather, and they come in a variety of colours, including burgundy, black, brown, dark brown. There are some subtle yet beautiful design touches on the wallets, such as the logo and stitched trim on the bill fold and breast pocket models. The Gianfranco Ferre make perfect gifts, and come complete with a unique gift box. Very, very special.

Gianfranco Ferre Men's Wallet

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The Gianfranco Ferre men's leather wallets will appeal to any man with a love of luxury, Italian flair, style and traditional leather craftsmanship. These are classic designs yet still with a contemporary and modern touch, which makes them hugely versatile, so they can look equally stunning with a formal business suit, or tucked into a pocket of a pair of jeans. Other wallets with similar style and quality include the amazing Maxwell Scott wallets, many of which are made in Italy, or the beautiful Forzieri wallets, which are synonymous with Italian style. For something equally luxurious, also see the wonderful Aspinal wallets, all of who offer a wide range of exquisite leather wallets made to the finest standards.