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Gant is a famous label with its roots in America, yet these days it has a strong European flavour too. The original Gant clothing began in the early 1900s in USA, with Gant shirts becoming especially popular in the 1960s. These days the Gant label is recognisable for its young and elegant clothing range. Gant wallets offer classic styling with quality leather. We have picked out some of the best in Gant wallets below, all from trusted UK online stores.

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About Gant Wallets for Men

Gant was once known for its preppy style of fashion - clean cut and all American. These days there is a much bigger European influence also, but the labels roots remain the same - fresh, clean lines and very stylish, just like the wallet below, with its distinctive stripes and elegant leather material. Inside there are 2 ID windows and 12 credit card slots. This wallet would make a great gift since it comes in its own presentation box. The wallet measures 9cm x 11.5cm x 2cm - ideal for either your back pocket or inside jacket pocket.

Gant wallets

About Gant

The Gant fashion line, now a global realisation of American East Coast college towns, began with a Russian immigrant arriving in New York City in 1914. Bernard Gant at first worked sewing collars in the garment business downtown, but eventually, in 1949, set up a shirt-making business in New Haven, Connecticut, the home of Yale University. The theme of Gant shirts were dress-shirt garments made from sportswear fabrics; at first, they were sold only at the Paul Stuart store in Manhattan. Soon after, though, Gant shirts with the tiny distinctive G and the small loop atop the back pleat were being sold throughout the US by Brooks Brothers and other high-quality stores.

Due to Gant's marketing style of using only the highest-quality store in each college town as an outlet for his shirts and of using focused advertising in such magazines in The New Yorker, Gant shirts came to be identified with the young well-dressed male college student of the time through the 1950s and 1960s -- most were worn without neckties to show the collar roll. In the mid 1960s, Gant introduced his own version of the Madras shirt, then a big fad, and became the second-largest maker of shirts of all types in the entire world. The Gant cut, characterised by double pleats down the back of each shirt, was much imitated, but never duplicated, through the 1960s and the 1970s.

Gant might be considered one of the first fashion companies to offer clothes as a lifestyle, the first of the 'preppy' look, and not merely as garments and accessories. The Gant label became a hot commodity, with each corporation that acquired the line through the last quarter of the 20th century keeping the standards of quality high and the theme of premium branded apparel paramount. Swedish and Swiss owners have all kept the Gant tradition alive through the 1980s and the 1990s, adding European fashion hints to the Gant style. Lines of clothing and other items have been added for women, children and even babies, besides the continual renovation of the mainstay men's line of fashion.

The current owner of the Gant shirt line since 1995 is an American company, Phillip Van Heusen, another exemplar of shirt-making -- they've opened a Gant retail store n November 2010 back in New Haven at the corner of York and Broadway in the venerable Arthur Rosenberg building, bringing the brand home with the original Yale Co-Op label appearing on the inside collars of the new shirt line. Gant shirts and accessories can be purchased in over sixty countries in both department stores and at Gant signature stores; Gant wallets are one of those accessories that easily fit the image of the young collegiate male. Both stylish and traditional, Gant wallets came in many types and sizes.