Wallets from Legendary Style Brand Fred Perry

Fred Perry, from tennis star to fashion legend. We all know the famous Fred Perry shirts, but now that wonderful brand have introduced a range of high quality, high fashion wallets for men. And just as you would expect from this label, the wallets are simply stunning, and combine tradition, almost retro, with cutting edge style in the way only Fred Perry can do. We have picked out the very best in Fred Perry wallets below, so you can check out all the styles and designs for yourself, all on one page. And not only that, you can see which stores offer the best deals and prices, so hopefully you can find yourself a bargain!

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About Fred Perry Wallets for Men

Fred Perry, as many of us know, was the famous British tennis star who went on the create an iconic brand made famous by the Fred Perry shirt. These shirts first became popular in the 1960s, and were worn by Mods and other followers of fashion. They have since become a British classic, and are still in style as much today as they ever were. To match these classic shirts, Fred Perry have also introduced a range of men's accessories, including the amazing wallets above. The Fred Perry wallet range includes simple bi-fold, hip pocket wallets, as well as zip around wallets, plus a trendy tri-fold version too. The wallets are mostly available in black, with some standing out having a double stripe on the left, in a kind of homage to the label's sporting roots. We also particularly love the tartan wallets, with their retro trendy feel - these wallets could be equally at home on the golf course or in a club.

Fred Perry Striped Wallet

We had to pick out the wonderful striped wallet from Fred Perry, simply because it seems to sum up so much about the label and the style of the company. Importantly it features the instantly recognisable Fred Perry laurel wreath logo, as seen on so many of the Fred Perry shirts. Inside there's an ID card compartment, plus room for credit cards and bank notes. It measure 12cm x 9cm x 2cm, so is perfect for the back pocket.

Fred Perry wallets are fashionable wallets from a sporting label. For something similar, also see our choice of wallets from Lacoste - another company famous for tennis and polo shirts! But if you like that special "British flavour" to the Fred Perry wallets, then also see some of the great examples from Ted Baker and Simon Carter wallets.

Fred Perry - the Man and the Clothing Range

Fred Perry was another tennis player of the early 20th century who had his own contribution to the world of fashion. Perry, born in 1909 and already a table tennis champion in the late 1920s, went on to become the winner of ten majors in the tennis world, winning three Wimbledon championships and eight Grand Slams Singles titles in the 1930s, all before he reached the age of 26. In 1936, Fred Perry was the last British tennis player to win Wimbledon; he was named the #1 World Player four years in a row in the late 1930s. While touring in the US in the mid-1940s, Perry broke his elbow and was never able to return to his former glory as a player - however, he did become a commentator at Wimbledon beginning in 1947. In 1984, a statue bearing Perry's likeness was unveiled at Wimbledon in his honour; later that year, a survey of Britons asking for the 'Best of the Best' among all the 20th century sportsmen of Britain listed Perry as the only tennis player in that company.

A partnership in the 1940s between Fred Perry and Tibby Wegner, an Austrian footballer, gave birth to an iconic fashion style that, like Lacoste, exemplified sportsmanship, integrity and authenticity. The first item they produced for sale was simply a sweatband for tennis players, but tennis shirts soon followed. Fred's symbol was the laurel wreath, based on the original symbol used for his Wimbledon Championships -- that emblem became part of a white slim-fitting cotton-pique tennis shirt that caught on with both sportsman and spectators alike in 1952.

One of the traditions of these Fred Perry shirts was for famous people to get special editions of the shirt with their own name added as two initials. One of two exceptions to this rule happened when, in 1959, in Florida, Fred Perry met US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, best known as JFK -- aware of these famous Fred Perry shirts, JFK asked for one with his three initials, and Fred agreed. Who was the other three-initial celebrity to get the same honor? We'll tell you at the end of this briefing on the Fred Perry brands, but we will tell you this person was part of tennis history.

The white Fred Perry tennis shirt became colourful from the late 1950s on due to young customer demand -- many Brit subcultures, including the skinheads and the mods, were attracted to the shirt because of Fred Perry's image as a rebel. In fact, one group of rebellious youngsters even called themselves the Perry Boys. The Fred Perry emblem has become an intrinsic part of the street/music scene and emblematic of British cool right through the 1990s and on into the 21st century. Associated artists and designers to the Fred Perry collaboration include such names as Emma Cook, Richard Nicoll and Raf Simons. Accessories are also part of the Fred Perry line of fashion and wallets have become featured items. You'll know one right away by noticing the large metal clasp with the Fred Perry laurel image.

By the way, that other 3-initial Fred Perry celebrity was Billy Jean King.