Football Wallets for Men

Wallets with football team badges and crests

Football team wallets make a great gift for a man. If you know a man who loves his football team, then he's sure to love a wallet with the team's badge or crest on it. We've searched through 1000s of top wallet stockists to bring you a few examples of the types football team wallets that can be found, including the popular Premier League teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea. But there are so many football wallets available, we couldn't include them all! The retailers have a much bigger choice available, so if you can't see the right football team wallet below, don't worry - just click to check the retailer's web site direct and see what they have.

Our Choice

About our Football Wallet Choice

Above is just a small choice of wallets with football team badges and crests. If you are looking for a particular team, check with the retailers listed above, as they have a much larger selection, with wallets for most English Premier League and Championship teams, including the London clubs such as Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham, Fulham, QPR and more. Plus there are plenty of wallets for the northern clubs, including the famous northwest clubs of Manchester United and City, Liverpool and Everton, and Blackburn, Bolton and Wigan. You can also find wallets for the north east clubs of Newcastle and Sunderland, and the famous midlands clubs including Aston Villa, West Brom, Wolves and Birmingham. Many of the better retailers also have wallets for the most popular Scottish teams including of course Rangers and Celtic, plus wallets for the national football teams of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Choosing a Football Wallet as a Gift

Football team wallets make a great gift. So whether you're looking for something for Father's Day, or a man's birthday or Christmas present, if he's a football fan, he will be sure to love a football wallet. And better still, many of these wallets come in a great little gift box, complete with the football team crest, to make it an extra special gift! Just one super important thing: Make sure you get the right team!

If you're thinking of buying a football wallet for a gift, but aren't sure if the recipient will like bringing out a wallet with a garish team badge splashed all over it, then don't worry. Those clever wallet designers have thought of everything. So instead of choosing something that shouts "Football", instead choose one of the more subtle football team wallets that has a simple, embossed team crest on it. This way, the wallet can be used for more formal circumstances such as work, as well as on match days! See the example of the embossed logos for Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool below. These come in a nice presentation box too, so they are sure to make a great gift.

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