Stylish and Distinctive - New Wallets by Dosh

Dosh wallets are the new kids on the block. Super tough, yet luxuriously soft, these wallets have an effortless cool about them, that sets them apart from the rest. We love the rounded corners and contrasting trim. If you are looking for something different, the Dosh wallets are the ones for you. See our pick of the best Dosh wallets below, from trusted UK online retailers.

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About Dosh Wallets for Men

Dosh are based in Sydney, Australia, and are relative newcomers to the world of wallets, having started up in 2007. But word soon got out about their amazing design - modern, stylish and functional. Dosh wallet designs are totally unique, with some models featuring rounded corners and contrasting trim and lining. Dosh aim to streamline their wallet designs as much as possible, hence many designs including rounded corners. So no more needlessly bulky wallets sticking out of your back pocket!

Dosh wallets are made from the latest, innovative materials. In particular, many of the wallets are made from polymer desmopan, which is water resistant, super tough and durable, yet very soft to touch, giving these wallets a luxurious quality. These wallets therefore do not use leather, which makes them the perfect wallet for animal lovers. Think of them as a kind of vegetarian leather. And better still, for the environmentally aware, the material is 100% recyclable.


Dosh wallets come in a huge range of colours, including the standard black, of course, but also purple, red, white, bright green, lime green, brown, orange and blue. Phew! A lot then. But that's part of the appeal of Dosh - cutting edge designs and colours to appeal to everyone!


As mentioned above, Dosh wallets are made from new, innovative material called polymer desmopan, which is tough yet soft, and animal and environment friendly.

Dosh wallets

Dosh wallets combine cutting edge style and materials. These are about as far from the traditional style leather wallets that you can get. For wallets along similar lines, also see our sections on J Fold wallets, or some of the surfer style wallets from brands such as Nixon and Etnies.