Classic Style Wallets for Men

It seems that from all the different wallets available for men these days, they tend to fall into 2 categories; designer wallets from fashion and designer brands, such as Paul Smith and Ted Baker; and "classic" wallets from traditional leather craftsmen, from brands such as Aspinal, Maxwell Scott, Launer and Mulberry, plus the wonderful Italian classics from Forzieri and Gianfranco Ferre. All of these brands specialise in offering the finest luxury leather goods.

Classic wallets tend to come from brands and manufacturers who place more emphasis on traditional style and craftsmanship. That isn't to say that designer wallets aren't well made - not at all in fact, when you consider the amazing wallets from Paul Smith for example. But rather, this is to say that classic wallet brands don't tend to follow fashion changes so much. Classic wallet brands aim to bring a touch of sophistication and luxury to their products. They are designed and made in such a way that are sure to last. They will invariably have a timeless quality to the looks and design, with roots firmly in traditional style wallets: in other words, these wallets won't date. They don't follow fashion, so will never go out of fashion. Plus, if you choose the right brand, then the wallet will also be made to last, giving the owner the pleasure of having a reliable and constant companion for years and years. In fact, many of the classic brand wallets could well become heir looms, and be handed down, rather like a classic watch or antique furniture.

A classic wallet should come in the highest quality leather and be made with the highest standards. They invariably come in the standard wallet colours of black or brown, although some makers like to add subtle extra touches of flair and colour to set them apart, such as the brightly coloured internal lining of the Exotic billfold wallets from Aspinal.


Launer make handbags and leather goods by appointment to HM The Queen. There is no higher recommendation than that! Indeed, famously Queen Elizabeth wore a Launer handbag for the Royal Wedding of 2011. Launer have been making their exquisite leather goods, including their wallets in Birmingham for over 100 years. Their wallets use the finest leather available, and their range includes a good choice of classically styled, luxury wallets. See our choice of Launer wallets here.

Launer Wallets


Aspinal are relative newcomers to the luxury leather goods world, although you would never guess it. Their wallets look like they come from a company that has been around for centuries, such is the quality and know-how on show here. One amazing thing about Aspinal wallets is the choice available - at a rough guess, something approaching over 100 wallet styles and types! Below is the rather funky Exotic billfold wallet, one of their most popular wallet styles. But not all Aspinal wallets have such bright colours, so if you are after something more refined, see our complete choice of Aspinal wallets here.

Aspinal Wallets

Maxwell Scott

Maxwell Scott are another wonderful company offering beautifully crafted and designed, classic wallets for men. Maxwell Scott focus on perfection of the essential elements to making a wallet: design, material and craftsmanship. Maxwell Scott wallets aim for a simple appearance - nothing flashy or over the top here. Just a straightforward, quality wallet, beautifully made, from the best materials around. Maxwell Scott offer a wide range of wallets for men - from the larger travel wallets, to the classic hip pocket wallet below. See our choice of Maxwell Scott wallets here.

Maxwell Scott Wallets


Mulberry leather goods, such as their handbags and purses, have become some of the most popular luxury leather accessories around. And the Mulberry men's wallet range is no different. If you can afford the best, then why not treat yourself to the best - a beautiful Mulberry wallet in their exquisite soft leather, available in black, brown or tan. Mulberry wallets are made in their factory (known as The Rookery) in Somerset, South West England, using the time honoured crafts of leather making. See our choice of the best in Mulberry wallets here.

Mulberry wallets

Italian Classics

The wallets mentioned above all have their roots in traditional English style craftsmanship and design. They are the epitome of the classic men's wallet. But we couldn't include this page about classically styled wallets without a special mention to some of the Italian classics available. Wallets from brands such as Forzieri and Gianfranco Ferre are equally beautiful, sleek and stylish, and of course, perfectly made. These wallets are a real slice of Italian finesse, and perfectly represent what we feel is meant by the term "classic wallets".

Italian Classic Wallets - Gianfranco Ferre

The wallets featured above offer something truly special, and we feel would make the kind of gift that will remain special for ever. There is nothing finer than owning a perfectly crafted, traditionally made item, especially something made from the finest leather, in the oldest traditions. These wallets would make a treasured, long lasting, and very personal gift indeed.