Choosing a Wallet for a Gift

A wallet is a great gift for a man, whether he's 16 or 60. Every man has at least a bit of cash, an ID card, credit or bank cards, and usually plenty more, that he needs to keep with him. A wallet makes a very practical gift - it is something that is used everyday - yet also can be a bit of a luxury. Let's face it, many men probably wouldn't consider treating themselves to a wallet with a little luxury, but what man wouldn't appreciate a pure calfskin leather wallet as a gift! Luckily, there are plenty of great wallet designs and styles to suit all tastes.

Who is the Wallet for? How and When will they use it?

Wallets can of course be for everyday use, but everyday use can mean different things to different men.

Wallets for Business and Work

If you are buying for man who perhaps works in an office and wears fairly formal clothes, then you might want to check out the breast pocket wallets here. These are perfect for keeping in an inside suit jacket or coat pocket. Other style wallets to consider would be those with ID windows, if the man has to use a pass for work or travel to work. Wallets for business should be classic in style and looks, probably from black, brown or tan leather, avoiding bright colours, unless hidden inside. A small, discreet logo might be a nice touch, just to give the wallet that air of quality, but avoid anything with a big and garish brand splashed across the front of the wallet.

Wallets for Casual Wear

The more casual, and most common, style of wallet is the bifold wallet. This fits (or should!) perfectly into a back trouser or jeans pocket. It should also be slim, so as not to be uncomfortable, and easy to use. This issue often makes tri fold wallets a little awkward to wear in a back pocket, for example.

Wallets for Travel

Travel may or may not be an everyday thing for some men, but either way, a travel wallet would make a great gift. Travel wallets are bigger than a standard wallet, giving the opportunity to put all travel documents inside, such as travellers cheques, tickets and boarding passes. You might also consider a passport holder as a gift. Indeed many of these now offer a "dual purpose" of protecting the passport, but offering compartments and room to store travel documents.

Wallet Functions

The functions of a wallet are fairly uncomplicated. It should hold your money and cards, right? Not much to that. There are one or two additional functions you may see around, but there's no need to over complicate things. Standard functions included in wallets these day are credit card slots and a bank notes (bills) compartment, preferably big enough to fit the standard notes the man will be using. In addition to that, you might see wallets with a coins compartment or sometimes with a zip although choice of wallets with a zip for men is a little limited.

Some wallets are specifically aimed at the traveller, and so are larger and include zippers (see our Menís travel wallets). Other wallets are more simple, and are just intended for holding credit cards, or even just business cards. Large wallets may have a tri-fold design (folded in 3) rather than the standard bi-fold. Others may include an ID window.

Men's Wallet Brands

If you are buying the wallet as a gift, of course you should also consider the age and taste of the recipient.

The Surf and Skate Enthusiast

For anybody aiming to buy a wallet for a young man into his surfing or skateboarding, or even just that style of clothing, then there's plenty of choice available. Check out our page on Surf and Skate wallets here, or see our sections on brands such as Animal, Billabong, Vans, O'Neill and Quiksilver.

Rip Curl wallet

Young and Label Conscious

Young and trendy designer labels such as Nixon and Diesel will all appeal to the younger man. These wallets offer something different to the standard, classic wallet styles. Maybe they have a string logo associated, or include vibrant colours or textures, or even unusual materials. If you think the man you are buying for would enjoy something unique, something that sets him apart from the crowd, then not only consider Nixon and Diesel, but also check out J Fold and Dosh wallets too.

Dosh wallet

Lovers of Classic Designer Style

For a style conscious young man, perhaps in their mid 20s and beyond, consider Paul Smith, Simon Carter and Ted Baker. The Paul Smith wallets are probably some of the most sought after in the UK, if not the world. These are beautifully made wallets, in a fairly classic style, but typical of Paul Smith, they always have a twist, perhaps in the form of a striking design or picture inside the wallet, or by using the instantly recognisable Paul Smith stripes on the external design. Simon Carter and Ted Baker are two British labels who specialise in affordable luxury, offering the man in his 20s or 30s a taste of style but without having to break the bank.

Simon Carter wallet

Lovers of Tradition

For those who value luxury and craftsmanship, consider classic English names such as Launer and Aspinal, as well as the many luxurious Italian brands such as Forzieri. A classic, traditional wallet of such quality will never go out of style. And if the wallet is as well made as these brands, from quality leather, then it will last for a long, long time. Also, for a lovely combination of Italian craftsmanship and British classic style, see the wonderful Maxwell Scott wallets here.

Maxwell Scott wallet