Buy A Wallet

Buying the Right Men’s Wallet


A wallet is a great gift for a man, whether he’s 16 or 60. There are plenty of great wallet designs and styles to suit all tastes. In fact we there are so many different wallet styles, designs, functions and materials these days, we thought you might need a bit of help in finding the right wallet.


Different Wallet Materials




Obviously the traditional material used in wallets is leather. Sometimes the leather is finished in a particular shade or colour (see the black leather wallets, brown leather wallets, tan leather wallets), or can be given texture (see the J Fold wallets). Many of the finest wallets use calves leather (also known as calfskin), and some even crocodile, although most “croc” wallets use standard leather treated to look like crocodile, sometimes known as “mock croc”.


Stainless Steel


Modern production methods often brings up a surprising number of new twists. Imagine a wallet made from stainless steel! But the men’s wallets by Stewart Stand are exactly that – stainless steel woven so fine it’s as soft as silk. But as you would expect, durable and tough as can be.




Nylon is used mostly in wallets that need to be waterproof. There are plenty of these kinds of wallets around, from brands such as Animal, Quiksilver, Vans, Billabong and Rip Curl. These wallets are aimed at the surfer (that’s why they’re waterproof) skateboarders and urban street fashion.


Duct Tape


As with the stainless steel wallets, Ducti wallets have used an imaginative way of combing unusual materials to bring a new life into an everyday object. Ducti men’s wallets are made from duct tape, and are as tough as tough can be. Combine this with the super urban styling, and you have a very cool wallet indeed.


Wallet Functions


Well, function sounds a bit grand, since it’s not exactly computer software we’re discussing here, but many wallets on the market today are intended for various specific uses and functions. Standard functions include the obvious, such as credit card slots, notes (bills) compartments, and possibly comparment for coins, such as these wallets with special coins holders.


Some wallets are specifically aimed at the traveller, with room for tickets, travellers’ cheques, all sorts of travel documents, and even a passport. As such these wallet are larger and usually include zippers (see our Men’s travel wallets selection). Other wallets are more simple, and are stripped right back to one function, such as just being intended for holding credit cards, or even just business cards. Large wallets may have a tri-fold design (folded in 3) rather than the standard bi-fold. This makes them small enough to fit in your pocket, even a smaller pocket such as on a shirt. But since these wallets fold three ways, it could make the wallet quite thick, and therefore a little uncomfortable to wear in a back pocket. So for a standard wallet to fit in the back pocket, you should check out our bi-fold or back pocket wallet range. Others wallet functions and styles may include an ID window, which is very handy if you regularly use a pass, such as for travel or work, or perhaps if you simply want to keep a nice photo of a loved one handy but safe.


Buying a Wallet for a Gift


Before you buy a wallet, consider how and when the wallet will be used. Sure, most wallets are an everyday thing, but some may be specifically for sport (see Quiksilver wallets) or for a special evening event (see Aspinal’s fine wallets), or for business use (in which case avoid the garish colours).

Also consider how the wallet will be carried. Many wallets are specially designed to be carried in a back pocket (hip pocket wallets), sometimes a shirt pocket, or inside coat pocket (breast pocket wallets).


Who is the Wallet for?


If you are buying the wallet as a gift, of course you should also consider the age and taste of the recipient. Nixon, J Fold Wallets, Diesel and Rip Curl will all appeal to the younger man.


For a style conscious young man, perhaps in their mid 20s and beyond, consider Paul Smith, J Fold, Simon Carter and Ted Baker. Or the amazing (and hugely popular) range of wallets from Vivienne Westwood.


For those who value luxury and craftsmanship, consider classic English names such as Launer and Aspinal, plus the many luxurious Italian brands such as Forzieri, or indeed a blend of the two, with the wonderful Maxwell Scott wallets – designed in Britain, hand crafted in Italy.