Quality Breast Pocket Wallets for Men

Wallets specially made for keeping in a breast pocket are usually slightly bigger than a standard hip pocket wallet, more rectangular in shape, allowing the wallet to be very flat when folded. These wallets would be too long to keep in a trouser pocket, where it would stick out of the top, making it easy prey for a pickpocket. Instead, these wallets are designed for keeping in an inside coat or jacket pocket. There's plenty of room for notes and cards, and indeed some breast pocket wallets are big enough to hold a cheque book.

We are big fans of the breast pocket wallet style - they are invariably designed to look sleek and elegant, and there's just something special and quite stylish about reaching for an inside pocket for a wallet, rather than reaching for your backside jeans pocket! So if you are looking for a quality breast pocket wallet, then we hope you find what you are looking for in our choice below. We've searched high and low, through many of the top men's fashion retailers, to bring you the choice of the finest wallets around. We've included what the best looking and best quality breast pocket wallets available - and some of the lowest prices too! Where possible, our choice includes wallets in brown, black and tan leather, as well as some wallets in high quality calfskin leather, from some of the best leather craftsmen such as Aspinal, Launer and Maxwell Scott.

Our Choice

About our wallet selection

We have tried to select the very best in breast pocket wallets, to bring them all together on one page, so you can easily find the best wallet for your needs. We've include wallets in price ranges to suit all pockets, and styles to suit all tastes - from affordable and functional, to stylish designer names. We aim to include wallets from trustworthy fashion and menswear retailers in UK.

Our breast pocket wallet range includes wallets made from standard and, for that extra luxurious touch, from high grade leather, such as the Aspinal wallets. For something a little different, there's also the amazing Stewart Stand stainless steel breast pocket wallets. The selection includes wallets in all shades of leather - from darker, chocolate brown, to glossy black, to light and natural looking tan leather, plus there are several made with more unusual style leather finishes, such as crocodile or "mock croc".

Some of our selections are also from the famous Italian design house Forzieri, as well as the quality leather makers such Aspinal of London and Maxwell Scott.

Which is the best breast pocket wallet to buy?

This style of wallet is becoming more and more popular these days, especially for men who need to look smart for work and who wear a suit or overcoat. This means they have the perfect place to keep their wallet. Plus many businesmen enjoy the extra room for credit and business cards offered by the longer breat pocket wallet. There's quite a wide choice when it comes to breast pocket wallets, making it hard to pick out just one. and all the wallets in our breast pocket wallets selection offer great value for money and good quality. We love the refined simplicity and Italian flair of the Forzieri breast pocket wallets, and the stainless steel wallets from Stewart Stand are something quite unique, but for us the wallets from Aspinal are beautiful wallets of extremely high quality, timeless, and perfectly made. We also love the Maxwell Scott breast pocket wallets, which again have a classic, timeless appeal, combined with quality materials and craftsmanship.

A breast pocket wallet is usually more rectangular in shape, compared to the standard square shape of hip-pocket wallets. Breast pocket wallets are bigger than a standard wallet, and made to fit in the inside pocket of a jacket or coat. If you are thinking of buying a breast pocket wallet as a gift, then be sure that the recipient is someone who wears a jacket or coat on a regular basis.

If you're looking for a wallet with more extra room, then also consider the travel wallets here. These might be considered too large for most people's everyday use, but are perfect for anyone who travels a great deal. Also, you might also consider the tri-fold wallets, which often have a few more compartments than a standard wallet, but with 3 folds, can become quite compact. However, a great benefit of the breast pocket wallet is that it usually folds nice and flat, making it much slimmer and some would say, more comfortable to carry than a tri-fold or hip pocket wallet.