Fine Wallets in Black Leather

Black leather is the classic look for a man's wallet. A black leather wallet looks sleek and refined, and is perfect for either work or play. So whether you need something elegant and business like for work, or something cool and stylish for fashion, we've found the best looking and best quality wallets around - all at the best prices! We hand pick the wallets in our selection, so that we can be sure to bring you what we think is the best choice of the best looking wallets. Our black leather wallet selection includes all the standard styles, such as bi-fold, tri-fold, travel, breast pocket and hip pocket wallets, and of course, all in elegant black leather. We search through 1000s of men's fashion sites, aiming to pick wallets only from trusted retailers. We try to include wallets from some of the best known designer brands, such as Hugo Boss and Ted Baker, as well as the classic leather craftsmen at Aspinal, Launer and Maxwell Scott. But we also aim to include more unusual names and brands, as well as more affordable wallets.

Our Choice

About our Black Leather Wallet Selection

In our selection above, we have tried to bring you the very best in black leather men's wallets, in various styles and designs, and in price ranges to suit all pockets. We have also aimed to select wallets only from trustworthy fashion and menswear retailers in UK.

Our black leather wallet selection includes the various styles of wallets for men - bi-fold (sometimes called bill fold or notebook) tri-fold, travel wallet, hip pocket, shirt pocket and breast pocket wallets. The black wallets in our selection are made from quality leather, plus there are several made from more exclusive style leathers, such as ostrich leather, lizard skin, snake skin, crocodile and calfskin or calf leather. Some of our selections are also from famous designers, such as Ted Baker, Simon Carter, J-Fold wallets and Hugo Boss, as well as classic leather makers such as Smythson of Bond Street, Aspinal and Launer. These are quality wallets which of course come with a higher price tag, so we have therefore included more affordable names, such as Fossil, Diesel and Autograph wallets.

Which is the best?

There's a lot of choice, and all the wallets in our black leather wallets selection offer great value for money and good quality. The J-Fold wallets are probably some of the most sought after and coolest designs in leather wallets around today. If you're buying a gift for a young man, you should definitely consider the wallets by Ted Baker, Simon Carter, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss.

If you are looking for something with an air of sophistication and traditional craftsmanship, then consider the Launer, Aspinal and Maxwell Scott wallets. These are wallets of extremely high quality, timeless in style, beautifully made and very elegant wallets indeed.

But Isn't Black Boring?

Black leather is probably the most popular material for a man's wallet. If you are looking for something with a classic touch, then black leather is the way to go. But you might be looking for something a bit different, perhaps a more natural looking leather, in which case also see our brown leather wallets, and in particular, the tan leather wallets. Or maybe you want a wallet with a more colourful side, such as the Paul Smith wallets, or the J Fold wallets, with cool touches of red, orange, green and blue inside the classic black leather exterior.

With that in mind, we have found the perfect example of a wallet that combines sleek black style with wilder colours: the Exotic Leather Wallet from Aspinal. There are quite a few in this range, all with beautiful black leather exteriors, but a rather unique twist inside, with a variety of colours available. See our choice of the Aspinal wallets here.

Aspinal black leather wallet