Billabong Men's Wallets

The Billabong label has been around since the 1970s. It was developed in Australia specifically for the surf crowd, and has since become a huge global success, known for urban cool and surfer style designs. Billabong offer a great variety of styles and finishes in their wallet range, including waterproof sports wallets, antique leather and Hawaii motif designs. We have specially selected the very best of Billabong wallets below, hand picked from many of the UK's top men's fashion retailers.

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About Billabong Wallets for Men

Billabong is a clothing brand with urban and surfer style in mind. If you are into surfing, skateboarding or snowboarding, then you are sure to have heard of Billabong. The Billabong wallet range includes wallets in a wide variety of styles and colours, such as:


Billabong have introduced some unusual colours to their wallet range, including brick red, Hawaii motif, horizon blue and even plaid designs.


Much of the Billabong wallet range is based around the tough wearing, compact sports wallet, usually made from waterproof polyester, with Velcro fastener. These wallets are often tri-fold, so they can fold up to be quite small, making them perfect for tucking into you beach shorts pocket. Billabongs other wallet styles include many wallets in "mock leather" - which makes then durable, inexpensive, and also appealing to vegetarians or anyone who doesn't like the idea of wearing leather. These wallets are more of a standard design, with many including features such as card slots, clear ID window and zipped coin pocket. But many of these standard wallets from Billabong are far from boring, and are often adorned with metal logos, chain loops, geometric designs in funky colours and patterns, combined with aged or textured leather material.


Some of the Billabong range of wallets are 100% leather, others are waterproof PVC polyester. Billabong also offer a range of affordable vinyl "mock leather" wallets.

Billabong is a label with its roots in Australian surfer fashion, hence many of their wallets are made from waterproof PVC, with surfer looks and design touches, such as Hawaiian designs and colours. Billabong men's wallets are made to appeal to the younger, sport obsessed, style conscious man. Similar urban style, and surfer and skateboard fashion is also offered by Vans, Animal, Etnies, Element, Nixon, Quiksilver and Rip Curl. If you are looking for something with cutting edge style, also see Dosh wallets - another Australian company making cutting edge wallets.