Which are the Best Men's Wallets?

This is a question we are often asked. Everyone is looking for the perfect wallet, and it's only natural when shopping around to ask, well, which one is the best then? But before that question can be answered, it's fairly obvious to say the answer will inevitably vary depending on your tastes, needs and budget. Not a very satisfactory answer, we know. So hopefully we can help a bit more below by giving you a taste of what's popular and what kinds of wallets many people are looking for, and then hopefully directing you to the right style of wallets for you. Below is our selection of the very best men's wallets available today, with the best deals and prices.

Our Choice

Where to Start?

So, where to start in finding the best wallet for you.

When will you use the wallet?

Firstly, consider what you will use the wallet for. For example, will it be mostly for use at work? Or perhaps for going out, or keeping your money safe while you are snowboarding? All of these questions will help you figure what kind of wallet will be right for you.

How much to spend?

Men's wallets are quite remarkable in that you can pick up a perfectly good wallet for as little as 10, but may also find designer leather wallets rise up through the 100s. Suffice to say here is that if you are looking for something to use everyday, at both work and play, which may well therefore take a bit of a bashing, then you might well be thinking of spending less than 30. On the other hand, if you are looking for something very special, perhaps even as a gift, then you are probably thinking of spending over 60.

What style?

Are you someone into designer labels? Or perhaps something cheaper yet equally as stylish, like the urban cool, surf brands? Or maybe you hate all of that nonsense, and just want something functional, but of quality.