Ben Sherman Men's Wallets

Ben Sherman wallets combine great style with good value. Ben Sherman became famous for making shirts in the 1960s and in fact, you can still see the 1960s roots in many of their wallet designs, with the use of the Union Jack flag for example. But the Ben Sherman wallet range includes more than just wallets with a flag. In fact, there are many designs that are simple and understated, letting the textured leather do the talking. We have specially selected what we think are the very best of Ben Sherman wallets below. If you are looking for something with a bit of style, from a well known fashion brand, at an affordable price, then Ben Sherman wallets are a good choice for you.

Our Choice - Ben Sherman Wallets

About Ben Sherman Wallets

The Ben Sherman brand first began life in Brighton. Back then, Mr Ben Sherman himself was famous for making shirts for the celebrities, rock stars and the in crowd of the swinging sixties - from Mods to Hippies and beyond. A Ben Sherman shirt soon became the most sought after of fashion items, especially for men. Today the Ben Sherman button-down shirt is seen as one of the great British fashion icons of all time, and has been famously worn by The Who, The Rolling stones, The Jam, The Specials… These days, the Ben Sherman range includes a lot more than just shirts - you will everything from suits to shoes, and plenty of wonderful accessories in between, including wallets. We think the Ben Sherman wallets perfectly fit in with this stylish British label. Ben Sherman wallet designs show their Sixties roots, yet still have a contemporary feel and functionality. And Ben Sherman wallets offer great value for money too!

The Ben Sherman wallet range includes wallets with plenty of room for bank notes, credit cards, and with ID windows and coin holders. There are the cheaper mock leather styles, as well as wallets from real leather, with some models coming with a lovely gloss leather finish. Ben Sherman designs cleverly use the Union Jack icon, with some wallets coming with a Union Jack interior, or a Union Jack embossed in to the leather. Other clever design touches include a wallet with gingham check interior. Ben Sherman wallets are a great cheaper alternative to similar British design classics, such as the Paul Smith wallets, which have also famously featured the Union Jack design.

Ben Sherman Men's Wallet

Ben Sherman wallets are aimed at younger men who want good value for money without compromising on style or design features. They offer a great range of all types of men's accessories, t-shirts, footwear, knitwear, watches and of course their famous shirts.

If you like the Ben Sherman style, but want to look for something else, then you may have to increase your budget a touch. But, if you can afford a little extra, and want a wallet along the same lines of the cool yet classic fashion, then also consider the other British classic designs, such as the Simon Carter men's wallet range and the Ted Baker wallets, and of course the Paul Smith wallets.