About Us

We have made this website in an attempt to build a useful and informative site dedicated to an important yet sadly overlooked fashion accessory – a man’s wallet.


As lovers of men’s fashion generally, we felt inspired to bring you the best choice when it came to wallets for men.


We want to help you make the right choice – whether it’s the style, price, material or brand – we want you to find the best wallet for you!


Tips and Help


We soon realised that there was in fact quite a lot to think about when choosing a wallet. Therefore we included our tips and buyer’s guides, including detailed information on the different wallet materials, and a closer look at leather in order to help you understand what sets a good quality wallet apart from the rest. Plus we have included tips on all the different wallet styles, on buying a wallet as a gift, and even some background history of wallets, and how to look after your wallet once you have purchased.


Compare Wallets and Prices


But of course we realise the most important step in finding the right wallet is to be able to easily find all the different styles, types and brands, so that you can compare easily and get a good idea of what’s out there and what’s available at what price. in order to bring you what we think is the best choice in men’s wallets, we work through 1000s of different online retailers in UK and check out what they are offering. Then we simply pick out what we think are the best. We do all this ourselves, by hand. Many comparison websites are completely automated, but we feel the results can often be hit and miss, and we would much rather pick out the best looking wallets ourselves. That’s what we feel sets our site apart from the others – we care enough to actually check out each product we include in our choice.


Good luck finding the perfect wallet. We hope we can help!