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Our aim is to bring you the best choice and styles in all types of wallets for men. Here you can compare hundreds of different styles, from around fifty or so of the top names and designer labels in men's fashion. We have included the newest, cutting edge ranges so you can be sure to keep up with the latest trends. But if a touch of luxury is what you are after, we have also included finest quality models from brands with an emphasis on traditional and classic leather craftsmanship. So if you are thinking of investing in a new wallet, or buying one as a gift for someone special, we hope our top selection will help you find the right style at the right price. See our links on the right for all the different styles and top designer names.

Our Top Choice

We constantly check as many of the top UK men's fashion retailers as we can in order to bring you the very best choice available.

Aspinal and Launer are world renowned for their exquisite designs, elegant sophistication and quality leather craftsmanship., with a true traditional English touch. Maxwell Scott also offer some of the best around, with an eye firmly on quality. Paul Smith is probably the best know British fashion designer, and their famous wallets are one of the most highly sought after fashion accessories for men and everything you would expect from this iconic designer label - elegant, beautifully made, from only the finest materials. Ted Baker, likewise, is fast becoming a British institution, and their wonderful range offer an amazingly stylish choice.

New Brands Available!

We have now included some of the newest range of men's wallets in our sections on the right, including the stunning Vivienne Westwood range, the effortlessly cool Lacoste, Fred Perry, and the splendidly unique Dosh.

A quality leather wallet will make a perfect gift for someone you know, or for yourself! We pride ourselves on selecting what we think are all the best deals, best quality and most stylish designs, to help you find the perfect wallet. See our links on the right to all the different styles and designer brands available.

"Isnít it time you replaced that overstuffed, tatty old wallet?Ē

There's nothing worse than fishing out a shabby old wallet from your pocket. It's a bit embarrassing, to say the least, especially when there are so many wonderful (and affordable) models on offer. So don't hang on to that tired old wallet any longer. Use our site and our top choice to help you pick out a new one. We've got bags to choose from, including some of the most basic and affordable, all the way to luxury designer style. Our selection includes leather accessories from dozens of designer brands for men, including Calvin Klein, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith and Simon Carter.

A wallet is probably one of the most important fashion accessories for men - it's where we keep our money! Not to mention credit cards, ID cards, passes, tickets and numerous old receipts, no doubt. It might be a simple item, but it is important to have a good quality wallet - something that is both stylish and functional. A tatty looking wallet will let you down, not only in keeping all your cards and money in order, but also in the way you look. Luckily these wonderful acessories are affordable and easy to buy, even if you choose one of the most exclusive traditional or designer brands. And that's what makes a wallet such a great gift for a man. You can treat him to something both beautiful - even luxurious - and practical, without breaking the bank. See our links to all the different brands and styles and we're sure you will find the right wallet, at a great price!

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We have checked through the listings of 1000s of top online retailers in UK to bring you the very best choices and selections. We aim to regularly updated the prices shown so that you can see where the bargains and cheapest prices are. We only select wallets to include on our site that we would consider buying ourselves. We pride ourselves on hand picking all the top styles, carefully choosing the wallets we want to include in our site, so that you can feel confident you have seen the best of what's on offer before you buy.